Installation and Configuration

The Netacea Salesforce integration detects bot activity and performs mitigating actions in line with the client blocking strategy.

This document provides technical instructions for installing and using the Netacea SFCC Link cartridge, which enables you to integrate Netacea Mitigation and Ingest API within an SFCC storefront.


To successfully integrate using Netacea, please ensure you have:

  1. The latest Cartridge code supplied by Netacea.

  2. Access to the relevant API keys from Netacea.


The Netacea LINK cartridge integration has been tested against SFRA v5.0.1, SG v105.0.0 and compatibility mode 19.10. The Netacea LINK cartridge works with all locales.

Setup of Business Manager

The Netacea LINK integration uses the following cartridges: int_netacea and netacea_sg_changes for Site Genesis and int_netacea and netacea_sfra_changes for SFRA.


Navigate to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Merchant Site > Settings. Add the cartridge names below, depending on the integration you use. These should be added to the beginning of the Cartridges path as shown in screenshots below: Site Genesis netacea_sg_changes:int_netacea:

SFRA netacea_sfra_changes:int_netacea:

Import Netacea Metadata and Services

  • Get the file from the Netacea cartridge’s Metadata folder.

  • Navigate to Site Development > Site Import and Export.

  • Select the file, click on Import and complete the import process through the interface. The Services, Site Preferences and custom object will be imported.

  • Details on the Netacea Custom Preferences are described in the Netacea Site Preferences section. For further details on configuring custom objects see the Data Storage section.


After successfully importing the services from the file, navigate to Administration > Operations > Services. You will see the below entries. This is where you will enter the endpoints for the Ingest and Protector API:








The URL for Ingest API can be set in int_netacea.ingest.api.cred.

The URL for the Protector API can be set in int_netacea.mitigation.api.cred.

User and Password fields are not required.

The default timeout configured in int_netacea.api.profile is 250 milliseconds, do not change this value unless advised by Netacea.

Data Storage

After successfully importing the custom object json from the file, you will notice 2 new values added to custom object types. These can be seen when navigating to Administration > Site Development > Custom Object Types > Attribute Definitions. You will not need to amend these:



Used to store mitigation captcha response html.


The unique ID of the object. This is a key attribute.

The object retention policy is 1 day.

Site Preferences

The Netacea LINK cartridge consists of a configuration properties group called NetaceaConfigs. You can access this by navigating to, Site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences > NetaceaConfigs. Please see below for a explanation of the configuration options:


Netacea Cartridge Enabled

Enables/disables the Netacea cartridge

Mitigation Enabled

Enables/disables calls to the Protector API

Netacea API Key

API Key provided by Netacea

Netacea Secret Key

Secret Key provided by Netacea

Netacea Info Log Enabled

Enables/disables info level messages in the Netacea cartridge

Netacea Debug Log Enabled

Enables/disables debug level messages in the Netacea cartridge

Netacea Captcha Challenge Alias

Custom Alias for the Captcha challenge URL. This must have a value and be configured in the Pipeline URL rules

Netacea Hard Block Alias

Custom Alias for the hard block URL. This must have a value and be configured in the Pipeline URL rules

Endpoint Filter Mode

Includes/excludes endpoints from being sent to Netacea

Filter Endpoint List

Comma separated endpoints list. Use Controller or Controller-Endpoint form. Ex: Cart, Search-Show. If left blank, this will include/exclude all, depending on the Endpoint Filter Mode.

Pipeline URL's

The pipeline URL's are required to give a custom value for the hard block and challenge URL's. These can be configured in Site > Merchant Tools > SEO > URL Rules > Pipeline URL's:

Netacea-Block: Add the same Alias value for the Netacea-Block endpoint that you configured in the Site Preferences section for "Netacea Hard Block Alias".

Netacea-Challenge: Add the same Alias value for the Netacea-Challenge endpoint that you configured in the Site Preferences section for "Netacea Captcha Challenge Alias".

Netacea-VerifyCaptchaResponse: This value must be "AtaVerifyCaptcha".

Finishing Up

Once the the above steps have been completed, the Netacea plugin will be active.

Please get in touch with Netacea to discuss the next steps and ensure the implementation of the integration with Netacea has been successful.

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