Installation and Configuration

The Netacea Akamai integration detects bot activity and performs mitigating actions in line with the client blocking strategy.

Prerequisites Overview

To successfully integrate using Netacea, please ensure you have:

  1. An active Akamai account with access to the Akamai Dashboard.

  2. Akamai EdgeWorkers with the Resource Tier of "Dynamic Compute". The lower resource tier is not sufficient.

  3. Akamai DataStream 2 enabled.

Dynamic Compute Edge Workers needs to be included on your on your Akamai Contract and commonly comes with additional costs.

DataStream 2 needs to be included on your Akamai Contract and commonly comes at no extra cost.

To enable these features, get in touch with your Akamai account team.

Getting Started

All actions to complete the installation of the Netacea Bot Protection tool are done within the Akamai Control Center as an Administrator user.

Configuring Netacea Fail Open XML

Configuring the below Advanced XML behavior is a critical part of the implementation. This behavior ensures that in the unlikely event the Netacea Protector API fails, your protected properties and websites continue to function normally.

This Fail Open XML is added to properties as part of the Property Configuration.

Contact your Akamai account representative to add this advanced custom XML block (custom behavior) via Akamai Professional Services:

Advanced behaviour XML:

The above advanced XML behavior must be added to your Akamai account by Akamai​ Professional Services. Delays to this deployment can impact installation timelines.

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