Installation and Configuration

The Netacea Cloudflare integration detects bot activity and performs mitigating actions in line with the client blocking strategy.

Cloudflare Workers provide a lightweight JavaScript execution environment that allow for the execution of lightweight rules on the Cloudflare Edge. Netacea’s pre-built Cloudflare Plugin is based on an NPM module that can be deployed within minutes, and utilizes Workers to perform protection actions and stream log data.

The Netacea Cloudflare plugin is incredibly easy to deploy. In most cases, Netacea will compile the Worker on our customer's behalf using Webpack and will provision it with all of the relevant API information needed. All that is then required is for our client is to upload the Worker to Cloudflare.

We are aware, however, that many clients may need to customize the Worker in some way. If this is the case, please contact Netacea to discuss.


To successfully integrate using Netacea, please ensure you have:

  1. An active Cloudflare account with access to the Cloudflare Dashboard.

  2. A “Paid” Cloudflare subscription, in order to avoid any issues with request-limits etc.

  3. Access to the Cloudflare Workers product.

Installation Options

Netacea currently supports two methods to install the Cloudflare integration.

Installation via Wrangler (CLI)

Installation via Cloudflare UI

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