Installation and Configuration

The Netacea Magento integration detects bot activity and performs mitigating actions in line with the client blocking strategy.


To successfully integrate using Netacea, please ensure you have:

  1. A Fastly version or 1.2.205+ or higher. That is the version where the Netacea Edge module for the integration is added.

  2. Access to the relevant API keys and log shipping endpoints in the Netacea portal.

Customers will also need to open a support ticket with Magento to request Fastly to enable POST within their environment. We need to ensure that there are 2 pragmas enabled on your Fastly account that are not enabled by default.

Required Pragmas:

Pragma optional_param fix_unsent_body_drain true;
Pragma optional_param no_body_if_bereq_is_get_or_head true;

To enable the Pragmas raise a support ticket with Fastly/Magento support. These Pragmas cannot be added manually.

Implementation Steps

  • Log in to the Fastly/Magento web interface.

  • Check the Pragmas outlined in the prerequisite section have been enabled by navigating to Stores → Configuration → Advanced → System → Full Page Cache → Fastly Configuration → Tools → List all versions.

  • Show the latest VCL version and look for the Pragmas at the top of the VCL.

Make a note of the current version should you need to roll back in the future.

Install the Netacea Edge Module

Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Advanced → System → Full Page Cache → Fastly Configuration → Fastly Edge Modules and click "Manage" on the Module Manager.

  • Tick the "Netacea Bot Detection integration" Edge Module and click "Save".

  • Navigate to the Active Modules and click the "Netacea Bot Detection integration" Action cog.

Finishing Up

Check you have completed the following steps:

You are now ready to deploy by clicking "Save Config"

A Cache flush can sometimes be required. To do this go to System -> Cache Management and click "Flush Magento Cache"

Bot management will now be deployed on the Fastly/Magento environment. You can test the deployment is active by:

  • Checking for the presence of the Netacea cookie on the website

  • Viewing your reporting dashboard for traffic and mitigation

  • Requesting Netacea review internal metrics

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