Monitoring Configuration

In order to detect bot activity, Netacea monitors HTTP request traffic using the Netacea supplied Lambda Worker.

The Netacea supplied Lambda Worker can be configured to work on Monitoring (Ingest) mode only, meaning that no mitigation actions will be executed. This integration mode will allow Netacea to monitor and analyse your traffic, without actively protecting your domain.

To successfully analyse data, the following data will be monitored:

Required FieldsDescription


The time which the request was received

IP Address

The IP address from which the request was made

User Agent

The user agent string sent in the header by the client


The HTTP method of the request


The path of the requested resource


The query string of the request


The HTTP status code returned by the server


The web page the user followed a link from

Bytes Sent

The Bytes sent as part of the user's request

Field names may vary based on the source of the data.

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