Proxy Property Configuration

The Proxy Property enables Akamai to make requests to the Netacea Protector API without interference from other Akamai property rules.


To successfully implement the Proxy Property, please ensure you have:

  1. A CNAME record, which can be registered by your DNS management platform, such as Akamai Edge DNS.

  2. A valid Certificate for the CNAME.

CNAME and Certificate

The CNAME record must be pointing to the domain of the proxy property that is described below. For example, for the proxy property hostname "", the CNAME record value should be "". The CNAME DNS record can be created from within Akamai Edge DNS or from any other DNS management platform.

For the CNAME to be valid, a certificate must be assigned to it. This can be a new or a re-used certificate from your existing DNS records.

Proxy Property Configuration

To avoid any conflict with any existing standard rules within your Akamai property, a new proxy property must be created. The sole purpose of this property is to act as a proxy between the Akamai EdgeWorker and the Netacea Protector API.

The hostname of the property can be anything, but to increase security measures, it should not relate to Netacea. For example, "".

To create such property, click on Properties, under the CDN section of the menu. Then click on +New Property

While editing the property version, add the domain created earlier as the Property Hostname.

Under the Property Configuration Settings, add/edit the Default Rule with the following:

Default Rule

Default behaviors are applied to all requests for the property hostname(s).

The Default Rule template contains all the necessary and recommended behaviors. Rules are evaluated from top to bottom and the last matching rule wins.


Origin SSL Certificate Verification


Within the default rule add a new Behavior of type Content Provider Code. The Content Provider Code hostname selected from the drop down should be the proxy property hostname. If that is not available, you can create a new CP code for that hostname.

Content Provider Code

Content Provider Code

000000 - ExampleCPCode1

CAPTCHA Assets Rule

Under the Property Configuration Settings, add a new blank rule against the proxy property called "CAPTCHA Assets Rule". Include the following criteria and behaviors within the rule:


Match All



matches one of



Origin SSL Certificate Verification


Ensure that the proxy property only contains the Default and the CAPTCHA Assets Rules. Any other Rules (including automatically created ones) must be deleted before saving the proxy property configuration.

Activate the Property

Once all the Rules described above have been created, click Save and use the Activate tab to activate (deploy) your changes to the property's configuration.

A single Proxy Property can be used by multiple Properties. For example it can be used by a Staging and multiple Production Properties.

Finishing Up

You have now completed the configuration for the proxy property of the Proxy Property.

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