Installation via Cloudflare UI

This section describes how install and configure the Netacea integration via the Cloudflare UI.


To successfully integrate using Netacea, please ensure you have:

  1. An active Cloudflare account with access to the Cloudflare Dashboard.

  2. A “Paid” Cloudflare subscription, in order to avoid any issues with request-limits etc.

  3. Access to the Cloudflare Workers product.

  4. A webpack compiled code bundle provided by Netacea.

Implementation Steps

Netacea will provide a Webpack compiled Worker that will be provisioned with all of the relevant API information. The following will detail how to to upload the Worker to Cloudflare.

Create Worker

You will need to create a new service (Worker) on the account for the protected domain. Navigate to the website within the account, then Workers > Overview > Create application.

You will then be given multiple template options to chose from. As we we will be adding the code separately, we can chose Create Worker.

Give a meaningful name to your Worker and click “Deploy”.

Edit Worker

On the newly-created Worker summary page, select “Edit Code”

On the edit page, copy paste the bundled Worker JavaScript code and click “Save and Deploy”.

Create Trigger(s)

Exit the edit view, navigate to the “Triggers” tab of the Worker and click “Add route”.

Add the route (domain/path) that should trigger this Worker.

You can then check what Workers are running and on what particular routes by checking the information in the center of the page:

Once you have verified that the Worker has been deployed to your route, the implementation has been completed.

Test the Worker

To test that the Worker is working visit the integrated domain (route) and generate user traffic.

Note: If you are encountering issues with Workers not triggering on a specified route, please ensure that the DNS settings for that route (DNS Record) have the Proxy Status (also known as orange-clouding) set to “Proxied” (enabled).

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