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Minimum Required Dataset

In order to detect bot activity, Netacea only requires a minimum dataset.
To complete a successful POC, Netacea will request the following data is provided for analysis via a suitable method.
Field names may vary based on the source of the data.
Required Fields
The time at which the request was received
IP Address
The IP address from which the request was made
User Agent
The user agent string sent in the header by the client
The HTTP method of the request
The path of the requested resource
The query string of the request
The HTTP status code returned by the server
The web page the user followed a link from
Bytes Sent
The Bytes sent as part of the servers response
In some instances, additional fields may be requested to enhance the data set further.
Optional Fields
Useful to identify traffic for offline bot audits log shipping where a Netacea cookie is not assigned to a request.
Host (Domain)
Used to give Netacea visibility over the source domain of each HTTP Request (log-line). Required in scenarios where multiple domains/websites are found within the logs provided.
Security Rules
A field (or set of fields) that return data related to configured WAF or Bot Management rules in the source platform. This is required to draw comparisons between the existing solutions and Netacea.
Custom Fields
Any custom fields highlighted that may be beneficial for analysis.