Offline Bot Audit

An overview of an Offline Bot Audit, its deliverables and timelines.

Netacea’s Offline Bot Audit is your introduction to the value that our services can bring to your business, without the need for integration. This phase of offline analysis allows the team to dig into your data – quickly gaining an understanding of your potential attack vectors and mapping these to the BLADE Framework®.

The audit is designed to help your business understand the risks bots pose to the business and the value bot management can bring.

Netacea offers two types of bot assessment, each offering different outcomes dependent on your success criteria:

Offline Bot AuditInline POC

Insight report-backs Risk-free audit

Insight report-backs

Integration deployment & demonstration

Full mitigation testing

Customer journey demonstration Branded CAPTCHA demonstration

Offline Bot Audits are a popular light-touch approach that allow you to see the results of Netacea's Intent Analytics engine, without the need for code changes and integration. Netacea will work with you to decide on a method to ship live or historic logs for analysis by Netacea.

Though the audit itself will be the focus of your engagement with Netacea, this will also be a chance for some of our other teams to get involved in formulating the service that will best work for you. This includes the Solution Engineering team, who will discuss optimal integration points and a solution that will suit you.

Bot Audit Data Flow

Bot Audit Minimum Data Set

To successfully analyse data, we will request the following minimum data set. Field names may vary based on the source of the data.

Required FieldsDescription


The time at which the request was received

IP Address

The IP address from which the request was made

User Agent

The user agent string sent in the header by the client


The HTTP method of the request


The path of the requested resource


The query string of the request


The HTTP status code returned by the server


The web page the user followed a link from

Bytes Sent

The Bytes sent as part of the user's request

In some instances, we may request additional fields to enhance the data set further.

Optional FieldsDescription


Useful to identify traffic for offline bot audits log shipping where a Netacea cookie is not assigned to a request.

Host (Domain)

Used to give Netacea visibility over the source domain of each HTTP Request (log-line). Required in scenarios where multiple domains/websites are found within the logs provided.

Security Rules

A field (or set of fields) that return data related to configured WAF or Bot Management rules in the source platform. This is required to draw comparisons between the existing solutions and Netacea.

Custom Fields

Any custom fields highlighted that may be beneficial for analysis.

Bot Audit Timeline

Offline Bot Audits follow the standard timeline outlined below. Refined report backs can be reduced to shorten timelines if requested.

A full week of data is required before the analysis can begin and insight reports can be prepared. Delays in receipt of data can cause the timeline to slip.


For Netacea to meet POC timelines, you will need to provide adequate resources to ensure the following responsibilities can be met:

  • A lead resource to work day-to-day with Netacea in supporting project timelines.

    • Periodic validation of the project plan, routine status reporting, and raising any risks to the Netacea team related to project success.

    • Proactively support project risk mitigation and issue resolution.

    • Provide, in a timely manner, any reasonable request for access to data, documentation, or personnel relevant to delivering on the defined project scope.

    • Schedule participants and manage in accordance with activities as defined by the projects' timeline.

  • A platform administrator to provide logs, including all fields in the minimum data set via the agreed-upon method.

  • Relevant stakeholders to review Netacea findings & complete any agreed user acceptance testing (UAT).

To support the successful delivery of the POC and meet project timelines, Netacea will also provide a variety of resources throughout the POC lifecycle:

  • Ongoing support from Netacea’s Sales team to:

    • Manage and track POC success criteria and project timelines

    • Act as a key point of contact and escalation

  • Ongoing support from Netacea’s Solution Engineering team to:

    • Provide a suitable solution and support its implementation

    • Provide implementation documentation

    • Troubleshoot & resolve and implementation/technical issues

    • Support ongoing technical requests & questions

  • Ongoing support from Netacea’s Data Science & Analytics teams to:

    • Ensure successful data parsing

    • Analyse and review customer data

    • Present Bot Audit findings to the customer

    • Tune Netacea Intent Analytics for active threat detection

Once the Bot Audit has been successfully completed, the team will put together a plan that meets your required timescales to move from Bot Audit to an optimized BAU integration, complete with a named account team and future roadmap.

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