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Getting started with Netacea

What is Netacea Bot Management?

Netacea is a layer of protection specializing in the real time detection and mitigation of automated attacks against websites and APIs. By analyzing web log data with our data science algorithms, Netacea distinguishes good traffic from bad, detecting a wide range of malicious activity including web scraping, credential stuffing, fake account creation, scalping, account takeover and card cracking.

How does it work?

Netacea uses a combination of data analysis, supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, and threat research to identify malicious traffic in real time.
Every request is passed via web log data through the Intent Analytics® engine, which uses supervised machine learning algorithms trained to detect previously seen attacks, as well as unsupervised models to categorize anomalous behavior and suspicious activity based on the intent of each visit.
This information is augmented by bot experts who conduct specialist threat research and intelligence gathering on emerging attack types and bots, maximizing the efficacy of our detection.

How can we deploy Netacea?

Netacea has made deploying better bot management easy. Leverage your existing technology, lower the cost of ownership and get value faster with a single, simple-to-configure bot management product across web, mobile and API – No agents, no code, and no physical or virtual hardware required.

N/ Plugins

To speed up the integration process, Netacea has a pre-built range of connectors for the most common technology platforms:


Netacea’s open API allows customers to build a full integration with their existing platform.

N/ Cloud

Netacea runs a highly distributed, low latency cloud platform that can be positioned in front of your web platform. This provides the full functionality of Netacea without requiring you to make any changes to existing infrastructure.

N/ Data Sync

Data Sync delivers a real time stream of bots detected, with zero-latency integrations with SIEMs and log capture tools and other threat or risk feeds.

Netacea's Proof of Concept (POC) Process

Netacea offer an in-depth proof of concept process that will allow you to understand how our bot management tools would interact and mitigate for your platform.
All we need from you is a way to access our minimum data set, which is the data Netacea monitors and analyzes during the POC process and for full customers.
Netacea offers two types of bot audit for the customer to choose from, each offering different outcomes dependent on a customer's success criteria:
Insight report-backs Risk-free audit
Insight report-backs
Integration deployment & demonstration
Full mitigation testing
Customer journey demonstration Branded CAPTCHA demonstration
Learn more about our POC processes:

Offline Bot Audit

An Offline Bot Audit is a low impact trial that will allow us to analyse your platforms for bad actors, based on historical data, and simulate what our tools would mitigate.

Inline POC

An Inline POC is a trial that will allow you to complete a full Netacea integration, including targeted mitigation.

Tailoring your Solution

As a final step in deploying our tools, they can be tailored to ensure any false positive users do not have their experience impacted negatively.

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